Nippon Sharyo U.S.A. launched in 1982 with a contract to supply 44 single-level EMU cars to the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD), and has been a consistent and steady presence in North America ever since. Each of our contracts (all together totaling over 880 individual cars) has been delivered on time and within budget.

In our traditional business model in North America, we have manufactured carbody shells in Japan, and contracted with a local North-American company for final assembly, with Nippon Sharyo retaining responsibility for overall project management and quality control. Recently, we significantly increased our commitment in North America with our decision to build a factory in Rochelle, IL. With this new commitment, we will be closer to customers and suppliers, and we will be able to leverage the skills of the local workforce to increase our overall efficiency. The first car, a Gallery-Type EMU for Metra, will roll out of this facility at the end of 2012.

Our expanded role in North America has prompted us to form two new complementary subsidiaries whose goal together is to continue providing quality products and services on time and within budget. The core roles for each of these companies are:

Nippon Sharyo Manufacturing, LLC
Project Administration, Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Warranty Service

Nippon Sharyo Engineering & Marketing, LLC
Strategic Planning, Marketing, Engineering and General Customer Relations

 The Nippon Sharyo U.S.A. and Sumitomo Corporation of America Partnership

Since its beginning in 1982, Nippon Sharyo U.S.A. has partnered with Sumitomo Corporation of America to produce and deliver rail cars for North America.

Sumitomo Corporation of America
Commercial and Contract

Overall Project Management

Nippon Sharyo U.S.A.,Inc.
Technical and Procurement

System Integration
Warranty Support


Our parent company, Nippon Sharyo Ltd., has been manufacturing railroad vehicles for more than 110 years. In addition to extensive penetration in the domestic Japanese market, Nippon Sharyo cars are currently running in Asia, the Middle East and North and South America.

This group is an innovator in the famous gShinkansenh bullet train, maglev motive technology, new materials, and improvements in safety, passenger comfort and ease of maintenance.

High Speed Rail     -Shinkansen-

1964 1982 1986 1992 1997 1997 1999 2007
Series 0 Series 200 Series 100 Series 300 Series E2 Series 500 Series 700 Series N700
130mph 137mph 143mph 168mph 171mph 186mph 177mph 186mph

Greatest market share: 3,508 cars as of June 2015

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Nippon Sharyo Engineering & Marketing, LLC

2340 S. Arlington Heights Road, Suite 605 Arlington Heights, IL 60005  U.S.A.

TEL 1-847-228-2700
FAX 1-847-228-5530
E-mail: info@nipponsharyo.com

Nippon Sharyo Manufacturing, LLC

1600 Ritchie Court, Rochelle, IL 61068  U.S.A.
TEL 1-815-562-8600
FAX 1-815-561-3630
E-mail: info@nipponsharyo.com

Nippon Sharyo