Our Mission

- Built for the North America market
- Built by American Workers
- Built with American Parts and Materials


Akira KoyasuWelcome to Nippon Sharyo USAf s Website!

Since founded in New York, NY in 1982 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Sharyo, Ltd., Nippon Sharyo USA, Inc. has delivered over 1,000 Passenger Rail Cars to various customers throughout North America.

The opening of Rochelle, IL production facility in 2012, and addition of metal fabrication shop in 2014 further enhanced our ability to produce g100% Buy Americah compliant cars. Raw stainless steel material produced by American steel mills is shaped into 125 mph speed passenger train in the state-of-the-art facility by the skilled American work forces with American made parts and components.  

We have experienced some challenging years for us to cultivate unique and unprecedented field of Mindset of Manufacturing by different cultures and different people. Bringing 120 years history of production system and philosophy to new ground is not easy. There are two things we have in common with American employees and Japanese employees that have brought us here today. They hold the vision on the future of public transportation in North America and strong belief of revitalizing manufacturing in America.    

With over 400 American workers in Illinois, we pledge to deliver our customers world class quality made in America passenger rail cars.  

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