Our History

Nippon Sharyo USA, Inc. was established in New York, NY, in 1982, as a subsidiary of Nippon Sharyo Ltd. which delivers top quality passenger railcars, including over 3,200 Japanese High Speed Railcars (Shinkansen) for over a century. Since then it has strived to bring functional passenger rail cars to North America. In cooperation with Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, Nippon Sharyo USA Inc. has delivered over 1,000 quality cars to various customers in North America.

 In 2010, Nippon Sharyo, Ltd. decided to enhance its presence in the United States by building a new production facility in Rochelle, Illinois. This was in response to the Obama Administration's initiative in support of passenger rail investments to create more jobs in the United States.

Also, Nippon Sharyo USA Inc, reorganized and created two new subsidiaries, gNippon Sharyo Manufacturing, LLCh and gNippon Sharyo Engineering and Marketing, LLC.h.

Nippon Sharyo Manufacturing, LLC opened the railcar production facility in July of 2012. The manufacturing entity covers overall production-related activities including project administration, procurement, manufacturing, quality control, and warranty service.

Nippon Sharyo Engineering & Marketing, LLC, located in Arlington Heights, IL, is responsible for strategic planning, marketing activities, engineering, and general customer relations. Together, they strive to create and deliver environmentally conscious products to the North American market using American-made parts and materials.    


The first car (right, NICTD EMU) and the 1000th car (left, METRA EMU) delivered to North America by Nippon sharyo U.S.A.. Photo provided by Mark Llanuza


The 1000th car shipment ceremony at Rochelle plant.


History of more than 1000 car sales in North America



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