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Health and Safety Mission Statement

Our Commitment

Nippon Sharyo employees are committed to the health, safety and environment that works within our organization.

Policies and programs are the foundation for which our employees, visitors and contractors operate within our facilities. Classroom and practical training provides the knowledge and skills to make safe, sound decisions before performing work tasks.

Nippon Sharyo is dedicated to following all local, state and federal laws and regulations, in addition to doing the right thing. Following all regulations will assure safe and healthy working conditions for our employees, visitors and contractors. Following the standards set forth by the EPA will protect the communities we operate and live in.

Robust Safety Teams composed of hourly employees from each shop, meet on a weekly basis walking the shop floor to identify and eliminate opportunities where risk is observed. If the hazard can be corrected immediately, team members fix the issue. If additional resources are needed to implement the corrective action, team members reach out to the responsible department to work together with their team members through implementation.

Weekly Tool Box Talks are provided to the leaders of the organization to communicate health, safety and environmental topics to employees. The information provided is a starting point for leaders and employees to communicate among each other health and safety topics. The dialogue between department employees and their leaders encourages open communication with each other.

Health & Safety Management Review meetings are held on a monthly basis with managers and directors of the company. Managers rotate hourly employees to attend the monthly meetings to expose them to the health and safety meeting forum. This provides transparency among the different reporting levels of the organization to build a strong safety and environmental culture.

An aggressive Near Miss reporting system encourages employees to report and document hazards before an incident occur.  Collecting near miss reports helps create a culture that seeks to identify and control hazards, which will reduce risks and the potential for harm. Every single near miss is investigated to determine root cause, with corrective action implementation to follow.

The Report of Injury form is another process completed by employees, no matter how minor the injury is. The information completed by the employee helps assist the team in identifying and correcting hazards before a serious incident occurs.

A cross functional team of trained First Responders is available to support and serve employees if a need arises. Their commitment to see everyone receive the best care plays a vital and important role at Nippon Sharyo.

The company is committed in keeping employees, contractors and visitors injury free and working in a safe and environmental friendly workplace.



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