In 1982, Nippon Sharyo started its US operations in New York. Once the Chicago project started in 2001, the Arlington Heights office was opened. In 2006, the New York office was relocated to Arlington Heights. Currently the office plays a major role in engineering, marketing and project management activities.

Engineering Team

 The scope of capabilities and responsibilities of the Engineering Team at NSE&M continues to grow as Nippon Sharyo expands its business. By participating in industry events, technical working groups, and trade shows, the Team partners with marketing to assess future needs, new products and technologies, and suppliers, and will communicate trends back to the main design engineering group in Japan.

Passenger rail is one of the safest and most inclusive modes of transportation. Members of the Team contribute to the industry by gaining a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements and participating in rule and standard-making bodies. While participating, team members interact with and influence elites of the industry, including technical experts in their fields and various oversight and regulatory authorities.  

Marketing Activity

Nippon Sharyo marketing activities covers much more than just promotion of our high-quality products. We follow the pulse of the transportation industry by regular participation in industry events and committees. We believe that strong programs in market research lead to success with new procurements. And at the heart of every successful project is a solid vision of strategic planning.  

Project Management

At Nippon Sharyo, we understand that effective communication is the key to executing successful contracts. Our Project Managers are tasked with building a strong relationship with customers based on mutual understanding and respect. We manage the individual projects with an approach that draws from both technical and marketing expertise. This includes in-depth tracking of contract compliance and performance as well as a program of risk analysis. Nippon Sharyo understands that building quality passenger railcars is always the result of both customer and manufacturer working towards the same ultimate goals.  




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