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Rochellefs proximity to both the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railways classifies it as a gHub Cityh location. This, along with a friendly community environment, makes Rochelle the ideal setting for our manufacturing facility. Strategically located just 75 miles west of Chicago, this facility offers greater flexibility for production planning and delivery schedules. Situated at the intersection of two major interstates (I-88 and I-39), our location allows for quick in-and-out material shipments and easy access by visitors.
Its railcar production facility is designed to accommodate the production of 120 new passenger cars annually. Situated on 57 acres of land, our 809,000 sq. ft. facility is divided into three shops.


History of Rochelle Factory


Quality Assurance



Production at Rochelle Factory

Parts Fabrication & Bogie Shop (Shop3)

Laser Cutting  Forming 
Arc Welding  Bogie Assembly 

 In Shop 3, which opened in July of 2014, US-made steel is fabricated, welded, and assembled to create parts for car body shells. This process allows Nippon Sharyo USA, Inc. to be a 100% Buy America-compliant railcar builder.

Car Shell Assembly (Shop1)

 In Shop 1, car shells are assembled. This is done by creating underframes, side frames, and roofs, and then putting them together to form the finished car shell. The shells are easily transported via an air lifter to the next shop.  

Final Assembly (Shop2)


 In Shop 2, cars are finished and inspected. Final assembly includes outfitting of the roof equipment, underfloor equipment, and other car parts. This is followed by the installation of interior components, weighting, water tightness testing, and final inspections.

Quality Assurance   (Inspection)


 Finally, each car is run on our test track. Running parallel with our plant, 3,500 feet of test and storage track was installed to ensure high quality railcar performance.



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