Employee testimonial

Machining and Fabrication Supervisor  

Ed McClard Joined in 2012What makes Nippon Sharyo exciting is that, unlike other places, we get to build large, complex passenger rail cars. The job is so much bigger than anything else in the area.   As a Supervisor, Ifm in charge of scheduling, assigning tasks, checking supplies on the floor and making sure my employees have enough materials for the workday and the next week. I communicate daily with other Supervisors to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. A big part of my responsibilities is going out on the floor and making sure all my people are comfortable with the jobs theyfre been assigned and that everything is safe. Every morning, I go out to the production floor and have a little chat with everyone. The other Supervisors and I routinely go on safety walks to ensure a safe workplace.

What makes Nippon Sharyo different from other employers is the way the company treats its employees. The company has some of the best benefits around in terms of insurance, employee incentive programs, activities to reinforce teamwork, free lunches, and so on. Also, we are able to work with the Japanese, which makes our company more multicultural than others.  


Welding Supervisor

Matt Janssen– Joined in 2012I have been working at Nippon Sharyo for the past 4 years. I started as a Setup Welder in our Roof department. After a year and a half, I was promoted to Lead Setup Welder in that department. Currently I hold a Supervisor role for the Shop 1 weld shop. My role as a Supervisor is to support my departmentsf needs. I focus on getting my employees the resources and tools they need in order to be successful. I am also available to answer any questions they may have.

What I like most about my job is the great benefits, competitive wages, and the investment the company puts into its employees. The company has spent time and money in developing the employees through training such as leadership, safety, and computer related training. We have even developed a department to train and certify welders.

Nippon Sharyo is an exciting place to work because we build passenger railcars. Not many companies or people can say they have built a passenger railcar. Nippon Sharyo is very unique because we build our products from start to finish. It is a rewarding feeling to see the railcar once it is completed.  


Machining and Fabrication Supervisor  

Rodney Sarver– Joined in 2013 When I was a lead, my main job was orchestrating the production workflow. I also trained employees and worked with other departments to complete jobs. The hardest part of my job is learning all of the parts and Japanese processes. I have to know over a thousand different parts. When I first started, I went to Japan and received training; however, we had to change some of the process to adapt it to our work in the US.

What I enjoy most about working at Nippon Sharyo is the challenge of a new company. I do my best work when dealing with a challenge. It is nice because you are not completely alone to solve a problem; you have coaches and senseis to help you along the way. It is nice to be able to bounce ideas off of one another.  

Lead Setup Welder 

Steve Maronde– Joined in 2013I am a sidewall welder. I focus on the frame of the sidewall but fill in where ever I am needed. The hardest part of my job is maintaining the strict tolerances outlined in the drawings, but I know how critical it is to maintain such strict tolerances. If it is wrong, therefs no way to fix it other than to take it apart and start over.

The three words I would use to describe Nippon Sharyo are safety, detail, and pride. Nippon Sharyo is strict about maintaining high safety standards. We have a Safety Team that walks the production floor once a week focusing on safe work practices. I believe our management team works hard to encourage employee participation in safety related activities. The product that we make demands the highest attention to detail in order to be successful. The employees take pride in doing a good job and producing quality rail cars.

Nippon Sharyo is different from other employers because it offers some of the best benefits around and above average starting wages. The company also offers workers a chance to befriend people from a different culture. Personally, I am still in contact with the Sensei who I worked with when I started. This is a company where you can build lasting relationships.  



Mechanical Assembler 

Joel F.  – Joined in 2012 I am a Mechanical Assembler and mainly deal with all components on the roof. Also I help with the outside components such as ladders, handholds, mirrors, and decals. With our Bi-level cars, I am working in all aspects of the cars such as transformers, air tanks, and piping. The hardest part of my job is that I may have to wait for other departments to complete their work before I start my work. I have learned how to keep busy and juggle multiple tasks at once so I am not at a standstill. All departments have to work together in order to complete the car; it is just part of the job.

One of the most interesting tasks I am responsible for is using cranes to lift the train cars on the trucks or wheels. We have to work and communicate with one another in order to successfully complete the job.  



Manufacturing Engineer 

I am a manufacturing engineer. Basically, itfs my job to make the employeefs jobs easier. I look for ways to lighten the workload and how to streamline what employees do. For example, our interior employees needed to drill 40 holes in the end of the car but each hole needs to be in a precise location. Previously employees had to take out their measuring tape and mark off each hole individually and check the location before drilling. What I did was design a fixture that already has the locations for those 40 holes built into it—that way, all the employees need to do is attach the fixture to the end of the car and start drilling.

The most satisfying part of my job is watching projects and programs that Ifve worked on come to completion, especially when the outcome is a tangible item. Seeing employees using the solutions I have created is a great feeling. I believe someone who is detail-oriented, well-organized, and likes a challenge would enjoy working at Nippon Sharyo. Nippon Sharyo is an exciting place to work because it has a friendly workforce and you get to face challenges on a daily basis.  



Audra Lincoln– Joined in 2015 What makes Nippon Sharyo special is that it is a new company operating in America. Each employee has the potential to help shape the company into a better, stronger manufacturer. Since we are working in an industry that is relatively undeveloped in the US compared to Europe and Asia, we face some challenges. Thatfs why itfs such a huge benefit to have our Japanese counterparts here guiding us along the way with their expertise.

The most satisfying part of my job is really digging into the quality procedures. I am learning about the company-wide procedures our customers expect us to follow. We then create our departmental level rules tailored to the jobs performed throughout our organization. I really feel like a contributing member of our team when I am able to give my supervisor feedback on these procedures. I am also able to receive additional clarification on the procedures and their intent. Three words I would use to describe Nippon Sharyo would be: exciting, new, and challenge.  


Supplier Quality Manager 

Scott Cowley– Joined in 2012 My role as the Supplier Quality Manager is to build a successful team by utilizing each individualfs strength to accomplish our Triple Zero goals that have been set. I also work closely with our customers, vendors, and production team to implement new and adhere to processes and procedures that have been set in order to achieve zero delays, zero defects, and zero damages.

Three words I would use to describe Nippon Sharyo is work in progress. As many companies take time to become great. Nippon Sharyo has only been here for 4 years. We have come a long way in this short amount of time and I expect only to improve and get better. What I enjoy most about working at Nippon Sharyo is my coworkers. I am able to work with and learn from people with different backgrounds and cultures. We are able to work together to accomplish our company goals.



Quality Inspector 

Barb Light– Joined in 2012 I am a Visual Quality Assurance Inspector. My daily tasks include inspection for proper placement, correct hardware, and tightness of fittings of the mechanical, piping, and interior of the passenger railcars as compared to the car drawings and technical guidance. I also oversee repairs to make sure they meet our customer standards.

To succeed at Nippon Sharyo, come in with a positive attitude, a willingness to learn new things, be prompted and prepared. What I enjoy most about my job is working with a diverse group people and the challenge of learning all the parts of the car: the interior, roof, and underfloor. Nippon Sharyo is special because it is an international company that manufactures gMade in Americah passenger railcars.



HR Associate

Alyssa Baunach– Joined in 2015 I am an HR associate. My tasks change from day to day but my main goal is to listen to our employees and offer them guidance. I field a lot of company policy and insurance questions; therefore, I am responsible for knowing and explaining what those policies mean. I also make sure employee information and records are up to date.

Three words Ifd use to describe Nippon Sharyo is safe, challenging, and fast-paced. Safety is a huge focus for Nippon Sharyo. Since I am in the HR department, I help oversee safety activities. People raise safety concerns and itfs our responsibility to respond to those concerns as soon as possible. The work our employees do is challenging. Even if theyfre performing work for the same customer, that might entail working on entirely different products that need specialized tools, skills, and knowledge. Nippon Sharyo strives to deliver a quality product on time, which means we are always busy and working in a fast-paced environment. All employees within the company must work quickly and efficiently, while maintaining high standards of safety and quality.

What makes Nippon Sharyo different from other employers is the atmosphere; I have never encountered a company that treats its employee as good as Nippon Sharyo. Our company goes out of its way to foster feelings of community and that Nippon Sharyo is a company offering not just a job, but a real career. Nippon Sharyo spares no expense in providing world class benefits to our employees. Also you get a global experience. I am able to work with employees from a different culture. I have been able to learn about the Japanese culture by working side by side with our Japanese counter parts.



Commodity Manager

Joseph Anderson– Joined in 2015 I am a Commodity Manager. Originally, my only focus was handling raw materials for our Metal Fabrication Shop. Now, I have also started handling components. I am in charge of controlling shipments and arranging schedules for delivery of materials.

One of the most interesting projects I am working on involves a special process called stretch forming—this is where a piece of metal is stretched into the desired shape. This is a difficult process therefore it is hard to receive identical parts that meet our specifications. The challenge the vendors and I face is finding a process that will produce a consistent product. I continue to work with our vendors to find a solution to this issue.

I enjoy the multicultural aspect of working for Nippon Sharyo. Working closely with my Japanese counterparts, I have noticed some cultural differences. For example, Americans and Japanese have different work habits—American manufacturing industries tend to favor coming in several hours before the scheduled start time to complete a project. The Japanese, on the other hand, tend to prefer starting at the scheduled start time and staying late.




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